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Cllr Steve Ashford-Bown

Cllr Steve Ashford-Bown

Hi. My name is Steve Ashford-Bown. I've lived here in Lubbesthorpe since, I think, 2004. My wife, Hayley, and I moved here because it was quiet and surrounded by countryside. Consequently, it was a huge shock to find out that New Lubbesthorpe was going to be built. I had a choice; grumble and complain or get involved and help to make Lubbesthorpe a great place to live. I chose the latter.

Prior to retirement I was working in NHS Learning Disability services. I also have experience of Mental Health services and consider mental health to be of equal importance to physical health in having an enjoyable life and I believe everybody should be entitled to an enjoyable life.

I'll always be happy to hear about the experiences of people in Lubbesthorpe (the good and the bad).